Concordia 3

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Concordia 3, third in a series of sculptural assemblage

After weeks of adjustments and refining, finally got to rest the third piece in the Concordia series. Concordia 3 is a sculptural assemblage made of found metal objects, clay, plastic toys and acrylic paint. A small switch mechanism, also a remnant of and found on a toy, plays a 10-second ditty when switched on– a rather odd addition to the whole piece which looks like a rusted piece of metal object.

I am taking a temporary break from the Concordia series to switch gears for a different kind of sculptural piece which I am preparing for an art exhibit.

Detail, Concordia 3

Concordia 2

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Concordia 2

CONCORDIA 2, the second in the series of mixed assemblage made of plastic toys, clay, wood,metal and acrylic paint. Small moving parts are also incorporated, manually operated through a wind-up key..

This piece will also form part of the seven works to be exhibited next month at the De Buytensael Gallery in Arnhem. It took several weeks to apply the layers of paint and textures, but finally got the right shades. The follow-up piece is currently undergoing the last phase of painting and textures.

Photo below shows a detail.


Concordia 2, detail


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Pyn, clay, acrylic paint

PYN, the 16th piece in the current series of child clay heads. An all-clay piece, this work is completed with several layers of acrylic paint.

Acrylic textures were also added in parts, and glossy highlights, using nail transparent polish, were dabbed in small areas. “Pyn” forms part of the next group exhibit I am joining this autumn in Arnhem, the Netherlands.


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ONDINE, the 15th piece in the series

ONDINE joins the series of clay child heads. Unlike previous pieces where found objects and other materials were used abudantly, Ondine is mostly clay work, some metal supports and acrylic paint. The summer months are still filled with a long line-up of unfinished work, but at times one needs to step back and look at the pieces with more detachment.

Ondine, the 15th in the series, was born amidst other work still incomplete, nearing completion or in progress. If only we have more than 24 hours!


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Art encounter (Photo by Mark Tamea)

I HAD a busy weekend with two art show openings in two cities, with vastly different contexts and audiences.

The first was last Friday at The Hague with the ZomerExpo 2012 (Summer Exposition), the details of which (and photos) I would post in another blog. The second was the following day, June 16, Saturday noon at Bart Kunst in Huis, a gallery located in downtown Nijmegen. Four other artists were involved in the show called “Verzamelingen” (Dutch for “collection” or “accumulation”).

It’s great to see friends and colleagues in settings other than the four walls of the office, in birthday parties or the hospital ward, and this time the context is art. Last Saturday there were many: photographs, collages and drawings, installations and mixed media sculptures and assemblages–the last category covering my own work. I had five pieces in the show some of which are shown in photos here.

Amid the light talk, the mini-reunions and the rituals of  an art opening, one does wonder why we  pause to look at and appreciate art.

Perhaps part of the answer will be reflected in the banner photo I placed above– that of the girl staring at my work “Erys.” A daughter of a colleague (who is an accomplished artist of music, soundscapes and digital recordings), her photo captures the encounter that eloquently speaks of one of art’s effects: wonder.

My thanks to friends who came over for the opening, to Xera and Simone of Galerie Bart and the support of family.

For friends in the vicinity, Verzamelingen will run until 15 July and will close for the summer break until 13 August, to reopen again from 14 August to September 1 .

Have a nice summer solstice!

Bart show (Photo by Erika Rivera)

Concordia, on view at Bart Kunst in Huis (Photo by Erika RIvera)


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Detail of mixed media sculpture ‘Bailey,’ Photo by Xera Alberts/Bart Kunst in Huis

Here are some press photos of my work from Galerie Bart Kunst in Huis in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Bart is opening the themed exhibit “Verzamelingen” (Dutch for ‘Collection‘) on June 16, Saturday. Photographer Xera Alberts has made excellent photos of my work which I will post in this blog in the coming days.  Thanks Xera!

Looking forward to see friends and art lovers during the opening!

Mixed media sculpture ‘Bailey’ Photo by Xera Alberts/Bart Kunst in Huis

Bart Kunst

June 1, 2012 § 1 Comment

Digital invitation for ‘Verzamelingen’ at Bart Kunst in Huis

BART Kunst in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, will present starting on June 16 the group show “Verzamelingen,”(Dutch for ‘collection’ or ‘accumulation’). With that title as theme, I and four other artists will be showing our recent works ranging from drawings, photography, two-dimensional work, objects and sculptures. Accumulating materials, images or how the process of ‘collection’ triggers, affects or informs the creative process will be reflected in the works on show.

For Netherlands-based friends, visit Bart Kunst which specialises in contemporary art and provides a platform for young artists in the Netherlands. Photo above shows the digital invitation for this exhibit which will run from June 16 to September 8, with a summer break in mid-July to mid-August.

Enjoy the summer!

Concordia 2

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Struggled with the tedious miniature work for this piece, Concordia 2, the second in a series. But it was worth the effort. These are a series of test photos before I proceed to the phase of ‘textural’ and final paint work. Various materials were used incluuding metal strips, wood, clay, plastic toys, doll parts, wires, etc. Found objects were also used, literally picked up from the streets such as bicycle screws and bolts. A moving part- actually a wind-up mechanism, is also attached close to the doll’s head. All in all, it took me eight nights to complete the basic form and miniature work.

This piece’s ‘little brother,’ Concordia 1, will be included in a group show at Galerie Bart in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


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ASHWIN is the title of the 13th piece in the ongoing series of clay child heads.

Although I intended this piece to be a visual study of abandoned places, viewers can still freely associate the various elements and cues contained in this piece. Materials used were clay, paper, scrap metal, thread, carton and plastic toy wheels. Several layers of acrylic paint and powdered clay were used to provide texture and color shading. Below are photos of details, such as the inner ‘courtyard’ located below the two ‘tower-like’ structures.



Sometimes, On Rainy Days

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SOMETIMES ON RAINY DAYS....assemblage of doll's head, clockwork and candle-holder

SOMETIMES, ON RAINY DAYS….is the title I gave to this assemblage work made of a doll’s head, the copper wheels of a vintage clock and a wooden candle-holder. I find the combination intriguing, but the photo unfortunately cannot capture the textures, colors and general ‘look’ of this piece which reminds me of dusty closets, attics and wooden chests kept somewhere in grandma’s house. The title “Sometimes, On Rainy Days,” is a reference to the rainy weeks we have in Holland last month, but readers can infer or come up with their own associations…

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