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February 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

Entrance Big Room AI horizon
ART INFORMAL (AI) is an artist-run gallery in the heart of Metro Manila, located at the pheripery of a residential area. Last February 6 my first solo in the Philippines, titled ‘A Stitch in Time,’ opened at Art Informal, featuring 28 pieces of my enbroidered/stitched photo transfers.

With the creative and enthusiastic support of AI’s Tina Fernandez and Gigi Lapid, AI’s Big Room was transformed into a muted exhibit space that accented the introverted character of my works. AI’s presentation was the right fit and provided a wonderful atmosphere. From the exhibit design down to the typography, all were carefully planned and executed by the AI team.

The works can be grouped into portraits, landscapes and Filipiniana portraiture of the early 20th century. All are vintage photo transfers from antique postcards, digital prints and clippings, with a monochrome palette made up mainly of sepia, light greys and browns hues.The photo transfers are then stitched or embroidered with colored thread, while a few pieces had beaded and cloth reliefs, or are composed of collage cut-outs of the same vintage photo transfers.

The AI exhibit runs until February 24 and coincides with the final three-week of a group exhibit of which I am a part of at Galerie Bart in Nijmegen (The Netherlands), and where I am showing six works (See previous post), also made of vintage photo transfers.

Here are some photos, courtesy of Art Informal, from the exhibit. Thank you to all visitors and to the AI team for a wonderful opening day! And to friends in Manila who have not yet visited AI, catch “A Stitch in Time,” and the two other solo and group exhibits also at AI’s Main Hall and Inner Room.

AI install view 7

AI Install view 6


´The Heart is a Lonely Hunter,“ (2013, photo transfer on cloth with stitching) one of the exhibited works. The title is borrowed from Carson McCullers´ 1940 novel

The link to Art Informal´s website for the full selection of photos, installation views and artist´s statement

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