Concordia 2

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Struggled with the tedious miniature work for this piece, Concordia 2, the second in a series. But it was worth the effort. These are a series of test photos before I proceed to the phase of ‘textural’ and final paint work. Various materials were used incluuding metal strips, wood, clay, plastic toys, doll parts, wires, etc. Found objects were also used, literally picked up from the streets such as bicycle screws and bolts. A moving part- actually a wind-up mechanism, is also attached close to the doll’s head. All in all, it took me eight nights to complete the basic form and miniature work.

This piece’s ‘little brother,’ Concordia 1, will be included in a group show at Galerie Bart in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


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ASHWIN is the title of the 13th piece in the ongoing series of clay child heads.

Although I intended this piece to be a visual study of abandoned places, viewers can still freely associate the various elements and cues contained in this piece. Materials used were clay, paper, scrap metal, thread, carton and plastic toy wheels. Several layers of acrylic paint and powdered clay were used to provide texture and color shading. Below are photos of details, such as the inner ‘courtyard’ located below the two ‘tower-like’ structures.



Sometimes, On Rainy Days

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SOMETIMES ON RAINY DAYS....assemblage of doll's head, clockwork and candle-holder

SOMETIMES, ON RAINY DAYS….is the title I gave to this assemblage work made of a doll’s head, the copper wheels of a vintage clock and a wooden candle-holder. I find the combination intriguing, but the photo unfortunately cannot capture the textures, colors and general ‘look’ of this piece which reminds me of dusty closets, attics and wooden chests kept somewhere in grandma’s house. The title “Sometimes, On Rainy Days,” is a reference to the rainy weeks we have in Holland last month, but readers can infer or come up with their own associations…

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