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Concordia, assemblage, front view


CONCORDIA, the first in a series of assemblage I plan to make in the next few months. This piece is made of found objects, toys, wood, metal, clay and household objects. Collection of materials took months to complete, making this piece a work of tediously  puzzling diverse materials together.

The painstaking process, however, was amply compensated with a feeling of accomplishment when this work was finally completed. On to the next piece in the series!

De Marienburg exhibit

March 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Collage of photos from the De Marienburg Library exhibit

Finally, after two postponements, my mini-exhibit at the Bibliotheek De Marienburg (De Marienburg Library) in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) opened Thursday, March 1. Seven of my clay/assemblage pieces are to be seen at the main library of Nijmegen until March 31, library hours. Three of the seven are recently made in the last three months, while the remaining four were previously part of the De Buytensael group exhibit in Arnhem last autumn.

For friends living in the Nijmegen-Arnhem area, pass by the library at the city center when you get the chance!

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