Come Sit Beside Me and Be Still

January 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

"Sit Beside Me and Be Still," clay, acrylic paint and nail polish lacquer

Come Sit Beside Me and Be Still,” is part of a current clay series I am completing. Made of clay, acrylic paint and nail polish lacquer, the series features the hunted deer as a recurrent motif or emblem.

Two other pieces, Cavatina and Troika 1, were completed last year. The title was prompted, perhaps, by the constant rush I see around and the plea for the forgotten need to simply sit and be still.

Ten, so far

January 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

DREAM series of clay works

The 10 pieces (see photo), so far, I’ve completed since I started this series almost a year ago. Had I made two more, I could have 12 pieces by now. But having a day job and exclusively working at nights, some errands and petty excuses slowed me down.

But there were also other pieces that I finished outside this series, including the Wild Heart clay series of deer. Five of the ‘child head’ series were sold, one going to Hawaii (for a beach vacation :-)] and the rest will be included in my next upcoming exhibit in March…


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Dylan, made of clay,acryl resin coated gummy wine candies, acrylic paint

DYLAN is the 10th piece in my on-going clay and assemblage works. Basically an experiment in material use, this piece required two (medium size ) sacks of gummy wine candies.

The green, glassy, cactus-like parts protruding from the child’s head is made of thinly slice gummy candies coated in acrylic resin for a glassy effect. Tedious work, but worth going through for a lesson in handling materials, color and surface treatment. The work (and fun) goes on….

Photo at left shows the front, and the right shows the yellow anemone-like detail at the back.

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