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FELIX, 9th piece in my ongoing child heads clay series, with found objects, gummy wine candie, acry resin coating and acrylic paint

FELIX, the 9th in my continuing series of clay child heads, is my experiment in color and materials. For the first time I am using a different palet of bright complimentary colors and, more remarkably in my clay work, used gummy wine candies and made them look like opaque glass.

Except for the blue glass in the middle, all coloured objects are gummy wine candies coated in layers of acrylic resin– a tedious process I had to find out  and develop for myself after several dismal flops and errors. With clay as basis, the other forms are assembled found objects and toys painted in layers of acrylic paint  to form a unified whole.

The whole piece took almost a week with the last layers of paint completed in the early hours of December 31.

My thanks and best wishes to all visitors to this blog and looking forward to a New Year of exciting art!


December 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

ERYS, the 8th piece in my child head series, made of reinforced clay, acrylic resin, found objects and toys. Photo shows front (left) and back sides

Erys, an addition to my child heads series done in clay and found objects. Completed on Christmas Day, Erys is made out of clay reinforced with acrylic resin, paper, found toy objects, chess pieces and layers of acrylic paint. Working until late Christmas eve, I painted the last (and 6th) layer of paint right at the stroke of midnight.

After a tedious Internet search for possible title names, I settled for Erys, a variant of Eris, goddess of destruction and ruins.

While working on Eris I also started prepatory work on the 9th piece, a more upbeat and light-hearted work which I hope to finish, yes- at the stroke of New Year’s day!

Happy holidays to all!

Graham wins

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Top three winners of this year's Keizer Karel Podia Art Prize in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

All smiles this weekend. Graham won the 2nd prize of the 2011 Keizer Karel Podia Art Prize annually held at Nijmegen’s Stadsschouwburg (City Theater). Out of the 198 entries (correcting the figure in my earlier post), the three-man jury composed of two artists and an art museum curator selected the top three prizes. Both first and third prizes were paintings, the former a colorful impressionistic tableau of an outdoor restaurant or cafe, and the latter a church interior.

A heart beat away from the top prize, the jury’s citation was a consolation for me. An excerpt from the jury evaluation report says: “The jury’s attention was drawn by the originality and playfulness of this object, made with daring and convincing skill, and where fantasy and reality come together. The unusual materials that were used is effectively employed, creating an organically unified work. We see a dream world that prompts a lot of associations. One sees the tracks that meander through the constructed elements, one feels the tension arising from this intriguing construction, and finally one yearns to know more.”

All 198 works are exhibited for a month (until January 1, 2012) at Nijmegen’s Stadssschouwburg (City Theatre), near the Central Train Station.

All in all, 2011 is a wonderful, breakthrough year for me with two regional art prizes (1st prize in May for the annual De Gelderlander Art Prize), a semi-finalist spot in a national art prize last March sponsored by the Volkskrant newspaper, and a third prize in Nijmegen’s art photo contest in June.  And to top it all, I had a successful group (my first selling) exhibit in Arnhem at De Buytensael, a mainstream art gallery.

Looking forward to more creative challenges ahead!

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