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Graham, the last in a 7-piece group of clay works. Inset (lower right) shows the back side

Graham is the last piece in the first seven-piece batch of clay-assemblage objects I completed this summer. Graham, Old English for ‘grey home,‘ will literally return home with me to the Philippines when I go on vacation next summer. Made largely of clay, bits of metal, plastic houses and layers of acryl paint, Graham will also be my entry next month for a regional art manifest contest in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Does Graham have a chance to break into the jury’s top favorite pieces?


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MARUJA is the first piece in my series of clay-based works titled ‘Dream.’  This piece survived two tough selection rounds in the biennial art prize Het Vierkante Ei (The Square Egg), sponsored by the Dutch daily De Volkskrant and held in March this year. Plucked from the 2,000-plus entries to land in the first round, Maruja outlasted the second-tier round of 200 entries in Utrecht to finally claim a place in the last 60 semi-finalists.

All 60 semi-final entries were exhibited for three weeks last March at the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven, a contemporary art museum known for its forward-looking exhibition programming.

Maruja is one of two pieces from the Dream series that I am keeping for myself. At least 80 percent clay, Maruja incorporates ceramic figurines and animal toys to create a world of elementals, and which the Vierkante Ei jury appreciated for its atmospheric references and links to the world of Jeroen Bosch, the medieval Dutch painter known for his complex apocalyptic paintings.

Lady in red

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This photo landed me the third prize in this year’s Kunstklik contest in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Kunstklik (ArtClick) is an annual month-long photo contest held in May using a mobile phone or device. Participants (both pro and amateur) can submit entries on a daily basis, and one daily winner is selected everyday for the whole month of May.

There was an average of 50 entries a day in this year’s contest. I bagged the daily selections three times and this photo was my second winning entry. The shadows on the pavement were from a steel-pipe artwork installed on the main museum square of Nijmegen. I only took one shot and hardly crop this photo. Yes, I was at the right place, right time and have the right light. Pure luck!

De Buytensael

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Lucebert (left) and Isobel at De Buytensael's 'Intermezzo' show, on display until October 23

Four pieces out of my seven-piece “Dream” series in clay and mixed technique are currently on show at the De Buytensael gallery in Arnhem,  The Netherlands. The four pieces are titled Lucebert, Jay, Hadrian and Isobel. Good news, all are taken during the first week, except for Hadrian. Anyone looking for an orphan? 🙂

Big Wild Heart

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Spice store in Marrakesh, Morocco Photo by Joel Vega

The following web pages are a window to my art.

Why ‘Big Wild Heart’ ? For one ‘Wild Heart’ is already owned by another blogger so I was prompted to add ‘Big.’ There is no claim made here for big or small art, but just clutter-free web surfing to my works which are mainly sculpture, assemblage and, hopefully, some drawings and one-dimensional pieces.

The blogs are not meant to instruct but to introduce, orient and inform friends, the curious and other passers-by about the roller-coaster ride (I hope) that I’d be taking (or has taken in the past)  in the art world.

That world, hopefully, would get bigger and wilder in the days to come.

Welcome and take a front seat!

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